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Private Training

Experience a one-on-one workout like you have never experienced before. The trainers at Synergy Personal Training keep you in your target fat burning zone for 25-minutes, ensuring maximum results in minimum time  Schedule Today >

Semi-Private Training

Does working out with others motivate you to work harder? Whether you are looking to lose weight or increase your endurance, the team of trainers at Synergy Personal Training create a customized approach for you and a friend. Schedule Today >

Metabolic Testing

Are you tired of working out & never losing weight? Do you feel like your workouts haven't changed but you're not getting the same results that you used to? You may be working out all wrong! Find out your optimal zone! Schedule Test Today >

Skip Guarniere is the owner and visionary behind Synergy Personal Training in Delray Beach, Florida. He opened his first studio in 2001 in Oslo, Norway where he began training elite athletes and developed his scientific approach to personal training and weight loss. While abroad, Skip earned notoriety and accolades for his method of conditioning. In 2006, Guarniere was honored to instruct the Gold Medal-Winning Norwegian Ski Team who adopted his techniques as part of their training routine.

After finding success internationally, Guarniere opened his studio in Delray Beach, Florida. Synergy Personal Training in Delray Beach is a state-of-the art, private personal training studio that features medical grade MedX equipment. Synergy incorporates... Learn more >

What people are saying about Isometric Training

Over the past eight months, I've dropped sixty pounts!Art Cooper. Editor of Gentleman's Quaterly (GQ) Magazine. Trained by Adam Zickerman, author of 'The Power of 10.'
Celebrities like actor Brad pitt use the technique to build muscle quickly.Web MD Article, 'Left Slow to Get Fit Fast'
Yes it's true - 20 minute sessions is all it takes. I've lost 15 pounds, feel great, and have time for the things in life that really matter. with a schedule like mine, this program is a godsend. I recommend this program to anyone.Suzanne Wright, Wife of NBC CEO Bob Weight. Trained by Fred Hahn, author of 'The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution.'
..can build 50% more muscle in 10 weeks than regular weightlifting.Web MD Article, 'Left Slow to Get Fit Fast'
Clearly the most effective and time-efficient way to exercise I have ever tried.Dr. Max Gomez, NBC News Medical Reporter. Trained by Fred Hahn, author of 'The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution.'
My body has changed more in 20 minutes per week than with other trainers at an hour a time. And all the guys in the office noticed my butt looked tighter.Diana Petroff, Assistant Editor to GT Magazine. Trained by Adam Zicherman, autor of 'The Power of 10.'