Week 1

How did I get here?I started this week knowing that it was time to make a change – make a serious, long term, get my ass in gear and “be the body I see in my mind, not in the mirror type of change.” I say I “started this week” because I don’t believe in the “I’ll start my diet on Monday” mentality – that is the equivalent of an alcoholic saying I am going into recovery on Monday, but I’m having one last hurrah this weekend…if you need one last hurrah, you are absolutely not ready. I am truly ready. I have been here before, after the birth of my 2nd son…and so I know the type of work this will take, so I am not going into it on my own…I am taking my good friend Ryan (like the boy – but she is totally all girl) on the journey with me. This journey is not for the weak you feel like you are going down the path of hell but I assure you…if you follow along you will see how that path actually leads to heaven.