25-Minutes of Hell

I got my Resting Metabolic Rate Test back today, with a serious talk from Skip. Apparently I am burning all sugar, meaning that even though I am taking spin classes 3 times a week, the reason I have not lost even a lb is because I have managed to lose so much muscle that it is like starting from square one. Well, that and I have now been put on Skips lots of veggies and lean meat and berries nutrition plan…which I am actually really looking forward to…because the other thing that my RMR gave me was a date. 17 weeks to be exact. 34 workouts…that is only 14 hours! Please don’t tell me if I did the math wrong…I don’t want to know.

Now, for the workout…it is a constant surprise just what your body can do. However, be aware, in week 2 or 3 Skip will turn up the heat. That means that if you thought it was hard last week, prepare yourself because hard doesn’t cut it. He will tell you that you can do it, believe me when I say you can do it…it doesn’t mean I won’t scream – or cry – or even possibly swear, but the reality is – it is just moving my body…moving my body when I don’t think I can move my body…but the thing is that really I know I am just letting my head get in the way, yes I can move my body…I can do anything for 25 minutes.