Traveling & Cake Pops

So whether you are going on vacation or are on the road for work, staying healthy is always a challenge. In this instance, I am on my way to Orlando with two ladies who obviously DON’T need to lose weight. I will call these girls Sarah and Shanna – well, because their names are Sarah and Shanna! Sarah is guilty for multiple offenses. Offense #1: While I was speaking at a conference she produced last week, she proceeded to fill the room with Cuban pastries and Fried appetizers. Whereas I did contemplate whether calories counted if you chewed something up and spit it out, I was able to control myself and just walk-away. However, be warned cuban pastries are like a freaking bug zapper – look away from the light! Today, during our trip she has proceeded to commit offense #2: The rest stop pick-me-up. The fact that she actually stated that at least her soda was “diet” did not help her case. Did I mention that she is a size 2 on a bloated day. Then there is Shanna. Shanna is under a double offense as well. As I sat in the car Shanna proceeded to declare that she was craving skittles…skittles which she picked up at the previous mentioned rest stop…actually, she picked up two bags because the other bag of skittles now has the mysteriously hard to find lime skittles…then she immediately proceeded to her secondary offense and complained about how much she doesn’t like orange skittles! WTF – what type of human does not like orange skittles. Do you realize the type of restraint I had to exhibit in order to not climb into the back seat and empty the entire bag into my mouth! Well, once you have managed to survive the road trip, the next step is to figure out how to not tackle a small child at Disney and steal their cake pop.