Junk Food Everywhere

Junk FoodOkay, there is no way in hell I am working out as hard as Skip works me out and then putting the type of crapola into my body that everyone around me seems to love. Do I want fried rice…um, yeah…but do I want a stomach that doesn’t sag when I bend over, hell yeah – I want that more! What the heck….they ordered Pizza from Dean Anthony’s for fight night…pizza with meatballs? I may consider unplugging the tv during the Ronda Rousy fight just for payback…the chances are she will tap the girl out before the guys can get it plugged back in! Just focus on Ronda’s ass and realize that she doesn’t eat pizza…or these brownies that are sitting on the counter…or the black and white cookies that somehow ended up in my house…what the hell is wrong with people!