Watch Your Step

Caution!Skip is sneaky. He tells you that it isn’t much weight, and that “come on” you can do this. So you believe him, and yes, you do it…and he lies, and he tells you “Only 3 more” but then you do the 3 and THEN he starts counting! And I know that I should be appreciative for him knowing what I am capable of, but today is not one of those days. Let this serve as a warning…give yourself time to recover! Just because your workout is only 25 minutes doesn’t mean that you don’t need an hour to recover. Today, I sat for my customary 10 minutes to confirm that death was not going to take me and that I could definitely stand up and walk to my car. Once my time was up and I made it to my car I realized that I had to run over to a client to pick up some paperwork…no big deal, I got this, until I encountered the step (Just saying why the hell do you need steps in Florida – this place is flat, steps are totally not necessary)…needless to say, I tripped over this useless step and fell into the fence, which should be humiliating enough, but no, did I mention that we did legs AND arms today…so the problem was that I couldn’t really catch myself because I couldn’t lift my arms – so i just kinda leaned on the fence and waited until my legs could hold me up again…mumbled something about how nice and sturdy the fence was and proceeded to hobble my way back to the car.